Avem Health Partners

What Sets
Us Apart

Avem Health Partners is a company with a patient-centered vision,
supported by new management and new directives to partner with
Critical Access Hospitals to build long-term success.


We concentrate on a variety of services that help to strengthen
rural and community hospitals, including:

  • Improve Reimbursement     
  • Reduce bad debt exposure
  • Retain employees with improved compensation and benefits
  • Provide specialized management services with "best practices" expertise
  • Preserve quality healthcare services for the local community


Spent on new infrastructure in our hospitals


Economic impact to communities


Nurse to Patient Ratio


Average Daily Census

Our Purpose &
Pillars of Excellence

We equip hospitals for long-term success

People are what we are all about.
We start with people, engage with communities
and focus on excelling in everything in between.
We strive to do it well and do it right.

AVEM prides itself on providing
the best place for employees to
work and for providers to

AVEM is acknowledged for
patient-focused care and

AVEM ensures the preservation
of quality healthcare for the
local community.

AVEM provides resources to
support innovation and to
reinvest in our community

AVEM sustains growth in hospital
operations through improved
patient census.

AVEM supports local economic
growth through assessments and

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